Biography of Imam Mahdi’s mother

Biography of Imam Mahdi's mother

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Biography of Imam Mahdi’s mother

she was known as NARGIS..her sobriquet is ome -mohammad. when she was captured she introduced her as nargis since her secret should be hidden

Nationality of imam mahdi’s mother

His mother was the  granddaughter of roman caesa that was a descendant of apostle of simon. following the wonderful events that she went from Rome to Samerrah .Therefore, she got married to 11th imam.

The biography of imam mahdi is mother - Biography of Imam Mahdi's mother

برای مطالعه بیشتر روی عبارت زیر کلیک نمایید

زندگی نامه مادر امام زمان نرجس خاتون


The other names of Nargis khatoon

Historian have said, there are various names for her as Nargis. Sousan,sayqal,haddise,hakime,malike,reyhanne.

The reasons behind the various names of her

Historian have mentioned specific reasons;

۱-her owner liked her so he called her by nice names. All of her names were derived from the names of flowers.

۲-when she married to IMAM HASSAN ASKARI despite other slaves her behaviour changed dramatically.

 because she is the mother of great person who will devest oppressors’ peace of mind.. she chose the various names for herself every day since she saw the tyranny of enemies who surrounded her was tough for her .she must protect her child from the enemies harm. thus, her familiy called her by new  names. Due to enemies assumed that these different names were  not belonged to her but  some women .

About death

As mentioned by Ibn Babawayh, Narjis’ death preceded the death of Hasan al-Askari in 260 AH, but according to al-Najashi, a Shia scholar, she remained alive afterwards hiding in the house of Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Hamza, one of the close followers of Hasan al-Askari

About the place of death

The grave of Narjis is located in the Al-Askari Shrine in Samarra, Iraq. It is next to the grave of Hasan al-Askari. Ali al-Hadi and Hakimah Khatun are also buried at this holy site

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