The importance of Imam Mahdi’s satisfaction

The importance of Imam Mahdi's satisfaction

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The importance of Imam Mahdi’s satisfaction

Imam reza and Younes story

One day, imam reza ‘ s  companions went to his home Younes – AbdoRahmam was one of the  trusted and respected men. The men were speaking when another group of people from.The city of BASRE

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Biography of Imam Mahdi’s mother

                Came to imam ‘s HOUSE    .Meanwhile   he  told Abu-Rahman ‘hide yourself and do not show up until I will tell you’.YOUNES accepted his words and did hide himself behind the door .one of those men started to backbite Younes .hence imam did not do anything and he was upset from their gossip but he did not tell them. After these men went out of imam’s home. Imam allowed – him to emerge himself. He was bursting into tears when he told ‘I was accompanied by such people while I did not know that they slandered me .imam said gently; oh!yones don not be upset. Let people say whatever they want. Their words are not important. Your imam is pleased with you. That is not worry. Try to address people at the level of their understanding. When you have a pearl in your hand and people regard it as either a their words influence on your belief

Do their remarks benefit or harm you

Therefore; he got calmed down by his imam words. He said; these speeches don’t matter at all. Imam told him again ‘in case you came to recognize the true path and the truth. The people’s words should not impact on your thought and ideas at all when your imam is satisfied with you

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