Clip about the Jews Raefipoor

Clip about the Jews Raefipour

Clip about the Jews Raefipoor

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Judaism can’t invite anyone to their own religion,because it has been a race
but it can say other people think like a jwish

christianity and also muslims

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The simple works we should do for imam mahdi
they have done it among christianity and also muslims
It is called bahaee
that’s why 90 percent of bahaee’s people in iran were jwish at first
they were told to join other religions if they want,there is no problem,the high priest has let you to do that
then after that Anousi Judaism developed,Mashhad is one of their important cities. They are still there
lots of jwish were living ther
in the Allahdadi event all of them became shia together at one night. Whereas they never became shia

about the Jews Raefipoor

there is a document ,when one of the British orientalists was going to Kabol,he crrosed Mashhad
once he was as a guest at one of their homes,he said they have different names inside their house and outside
one of them had gone to Mecca to hide that he is jwish
they did it because they wanted to be able to be in the muslim’s shopping
the judaism has had always this economic sight
and they had important roles at this field, some of them had gone to Israel
there was a congress for them in Israel
the Jwish in Mashhad who had been with mr Allahdad and his father
had ceremony together the same as ceremony we had for Goharshad mosque
some of them had interview with israels medias and they published them

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in those interviews they said we had our ceremonies on Saturday
one old woman had put on chador like a beggar in one street in Mashhad
and everyone who was crossing there ,the old woman said a code to them,just Jwish could get that’s a sign and understood which home they should go in
hey also said we had slaughter according to the Judaism rules
each of these Jwish men
married with one muslim woman and one Jwish woman in 2 different houses
he trained those children muslims and others Jwish
their 4year old child understood the same as a 40 year old man, because of their powerful training
you can’t oblige them to confess about anything. Now I cannot say every word, because some of are still in our country

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